• Tienes todo listo, o casi todo, y quieres que te ayude a elaborar el Timing y a coordinar el gran día para que todo salga perfecto.
  • Tienes muchos proveedores contratados y necesitas un coordinador general.
  • Necesitas ayuda con la confirmación de invitados.
  • Tu vestido soñado es un poquito complicado y necesitarás ayuda para vestirte.
  • Necesitas ayuda en la sesión de fotos, quieres que no se te escape ninguna de las que siempre te imaginaste.
  • Quieres disfrutar al máximo el día de tu boda sin preocuparte de nada.


Duración: 1 mes (aprox)







Before wedding:

  • Meeting with the Wedding Couple. (In this meeting we will make a checklist to make sure that there is not missing any detail and also I will give you the best TIPS).
  • Review of contracts for services already contracted, schedule of outstanding payments.
  • We will review the protocol and dynamics of Wedding Day.
  • Elaboration of Timing and coordination with each one of the Suppliers.
  • Coordination of Party Montage Days.
  • Elaboration of Staff list who will enter to the Party Location.
  • List of Amenities.
  • Guests’ confirmation to the party.
  • Make sure that APDAYC, Unimpro, etc procedures are delivered on time.
  • Make sure that the Wedding couple send the guests list to the Security Staff.
  • Send to the catering the location of tables.
  • Ask the Wedding Couple for the liquor list for the counting.

In the Hotel or Bride’s House:

  • Help for dressing Bride.
  • Control the times to prevent delays.
  • Coordinate the arrival of the Makeup and Hairstyle.
  • Coordinate the arrival of the Bouquet.
  • Coordinate the arrival of the Photographer.
  • Coordinate the arrival of the car, supervise that it is well decorated.
  • Attendance at the Photoshoot of the Bride and her family.

In the Church:

  • Coordinate the arrival of the Flowers, supervise that they are well placed.
  • Coordinate the arrival of the Boutonnière and help the Groom, Godparents to place it.
  • Coordinate with the Priest.
  • Coordinate with the Chorus.
  • Supervise that people who read the readings and petitions are present.
  • Coordinate with the Photographer and Videographer.
  • Provide support to the Groom and family while awaiting the arrival of the Bride.
  • Help the Bride with the dress and veil, as the case may be, so that she is perfect when entering the Church.
  • Be on charge of the protocol of the Church.
  • Coordinate with the car driver the departure of the Wedding Couple.

Reception at the Party Location on the same Wedding Day:

  • Be on charge of the coordinated protocol with the Wedding Couple and General Supervision of the Event.
  • Supervise that guests are well cared for from the entrance.
  • Supervise that waiters are well uniformed, impeccables.
  • Coordinate the details with the Catering.
  • Before Wedding Couple arrive, coordinate with the Dj their entrance and with the family the order of the Waltz.
  • Coordinate the buffet’s opening time with the Catering Manager.
  • Coordinate with the Dj the throwing of the bouquet and the garters as the case may be.
  • Assist the Bride and family in everything they need.
  • Assist in the delivery of memories to the guests.
  • Do not allow the Dj to have the decibel higher than agreed in the Location Contract.
  • Retouching make up to the Bride (The Bride must have a retouching kit).
  • Comply with the schedule agreed with the Location so that the guarantee is not discounted.
  • Partial count of Liquors and perishables with the maître.